Gum disease induced by lack of sleep

We have all woken up from sleep that seemed too good to be true, because of how refreshed we felt on waking up! When asleep, you are mainly using less energy and less of your body parts (including your teeth) than when we are awake. Therefore, sleep gives your body the required time to rejuvenate, and by the same mechanism, improves your oral health.When someone has a chronic situation of poor sleep, they are more likely to suffer from depression or an anxiety disorder, as well as bruxism (grinding of one’s teeth during sleep). Bruxism is very closely linked to poor sleep, and also worsens it.

This is known to increase the risk of gum disease, and lower the body’s natural immune responses, as the body is not getting the required rest for re-building of tissues and correction of certain faults within the immune system that would otherwise have been noticed during sleep.

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